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EMiniPlayer Zones Indicator for NinjaTrader 7 and 8

The EMiniPlayer Zones Indicator for NinjaTrader (NT7 and NT8) automatically plots the daily Key Support/Resistance Zones onto any intraday chart. It's a great visual aid to see the price action within the Context of the EMiniPlayer Support/Resistance Zones. Using the Zones Indicator with NinjaTrader's Chart Trader makes it very easy to execute trades at the Support/Resistance Zones.

The indicator can be applied to multiple charts and multiple time-frames. It works by reading the Key Levels from a text file that's provided to members every morning with the Trade Plan, and is only available to EMiniPlayer Members.

Please note, the indicator is optional and purely for convenience so you don't have to draw in the Support/Resistance Zones on your charts manually by hand every morning. The indicator is priced at a one-time cost of $297 and is only available for sale to EMiniPlayer members.

If you're already an EMiniPlayer member and would like to purchase the indicator, please Login and then click on the Zones Indicator button to access the members-only order page. If you're not a member, click on the button at the bottom of this page to gain instant access.

The following video shows the indicator and how it works:

EMiniPlayer Zones Indicator for NinjaTrader


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