E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Key Support/Resistance Levels, Daily Trade Plan and Live Trading Room for Day Traders

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Every morning, I do my homework on the E-Mini S&P 500 Futures in preparation for the trading day. During this process, I prepare a trade plan and identify Key Price Areas where I'll be looking to enter and exit my trades. By identifying Key Price Areas (Key Support/Resistance Levels), I avoid the middle chop where most traders lose money and enter at the best prices that allow me to set a tight initial stop-loss (usually 1.50-2 points), scale out of my position for a quick profit and move that stop to break-even. Majority of the trades work immediately and allow me to reduce my risk. This business is all about risk management! The goal of the Key Levels and Trade Plan is to help you obtain good trade location and eliminate confusion so you can confidently pull the trigger and execute your trade. Good trade location helps me cut my losers quickly, and stay in my winning trades to maximize gains.

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  1. Full access to the website (over 2,000 posts and 5,000+ charts).
  2. A Professional Trade Plan (Written & Pre-market Video) with Key Support/Resistance Zones posted every morning 20-30 minutes before the open to prepare you for the trading day.
  3. An end-of-day market recap with annotated charts providing you with insight and continued education on trade setups (over 100 Educational Review/Recap Videos!)
  4. Notes for trading the overnight/European session.
  5. Free 1-Week Access to the Live Trading Room.
  6. Access to Webinar recordings where we deep-dive into specific trading topics.
  7. Access to special offers and discounts from EMiniPlayer partners, e.g. discount on DTN IQFeed, etc.
  8. Additional educational material to benefit your trading.

How much? The price is a flat 50.00 per month (less than 1.65 per day)...in other words, 1 point on just 1 E-Mini S&P 500 contract.

No Hype! This is a no-hype service. Trading is a business, and every business has Costs. If my analysis helps you make more money in the markets, then 50 dollars is merely ONE E-Mini S&P point on ONE contract. Paying for this service is just a cost of doing business. Just one trade could pay for several months of access to the Key Levels and Trade Plans.

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Here's what traders have to say about the service:

"I have been a member of your service for about 5 or 6 months now, I love it! Your numbers are bang on and I am constantly profitable with them"

"After exploring your site for a few hours, I want to say WOW, I am blown away...I feel that I have come home, this is where I should be, and I can see that following you will really help me mature as a trader."

"Signed up last week and wow loving the service. The best thing about it that its stopped me over trading in the chop."

"There is no question and you may quote me, your service pays for itself quickly."

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