EMiniPlayer Live Trading Education Room

Every successful trader we know is a life-long student of the markets. One of the goals of the Live Trading Room is to build a community of serious traders. By joining the EMiniPlayer Live Trading Room, you will be gaining much more than real-time analysis and market insights. You'll be joining a community of like-minded traders committed to excellence!

Here's how our Trading Room works:

The room opens around 7:45 AM (CT) and runs through the Close at 3:00 PM (CT) -- we're one of the only rooms that operates all day, from pre-market through the close.

The moderator (Aaron) is a close friend and someone who understands my trading method. He moderates and leads the room during the day, providing a running commentary on the real-time Context throughout the day. Please note that the Trading Room is not a signal service. When it comes time to execute, you are 100% in charge and must make your own trading decisions. Do not blindly follow Aaron or the other traders in the Room. If you're looking for education and community, the Trading Room will be beneficial. If you're looking for trade signals, the Trading Room is NOT for you.

The slow periods during the day are used to educate traders on our trading methodology. This includes topics like Auction Market Process, Volume Profiling, Market Internals, Psychology and Execution.

Here's what other traders are saying about the Live Trading Room:

"I've learned more in six days than frankly I've learned in 15 yrs trading about technical information like the VIX, NYSE tick, today's understanding of liquidation, how to spot it and how it can affect afternoon trading is an example. Open range, Open drive, I mean on and on. Excellent!"

"my head is spinning in a most wonderful way…That means I'm loving the room and the learning I am experiencing."

"I of course have read the Markets in Profile etc and thought I had a good understanding, although my trading was going nowhere.  Seeing the application of all the "theory" and of course the commentary around it in a focused manner is a great help to me in reading the market in context."

The Premium Membership + Live Trading Education Room is priced at $297/month.

All you have to do is click the Join Live Trading Room button to get started. We look forward to seeing you in the Trading Room!

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